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Custom art parquet floorsare so much differing from the traditional ones Regardless of who you are and what house you have, a art parquet from Premier Parquet will contribute to the decoration of your house, will make it more expressive and completely unique.

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Style of the Art Parquet Floors usually corresponds the general architectural style of the interior decoration and can be done in one or another general style concept, or it can be a dominant in the interior of an apartment or a house. Premier Parquet is ready to offer you the widest choice of the finished decorative variants for the project of your decorative parquet floor.

variants fr

You want it to be the Classic Style or Modern, Romantic, Old World or Vanguard, or may be your own, individual… Yes-yes, you have read correctly - for the specialists from Premier Parquet all this is Possible! Being a leader in this industry we have a great, long experience of creating the highly complicated decorative art parquet. Our parquet medallions and borders are affordable to practically every homeowner.

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Applying rather easy technology they also can be mounted into your present classic parquet floor. Uniqueness of the decorative art parquet floors, medallions and borders Premier Parquet makes the wide assortment of the custom parquet floors : from the simplest variants fr the highly complicated decorative parquet palace styleand also the parquet medallions and borders both for decorative floors and for the variants variants fr parquet floors of different sizes and styles.

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New parquet floor variants appear constantly. Any your wishes and individual decorative decisions we will variants fr realize with the shortest period. Our production quality will satisfy the most demanding customer Our highly skilled wood painters apply the technologies based on the synthesis of the modern design CAD-systems and perfect methods of the parquet details hand making, to create that unique art parquet floormedallion or borderwhich is impossible to variants fr by any other methods.

variants fr

Every production is a piece of art for your parquet floor design. Our exceptional technological process can include the preliminary lacquering of the surface to emphasize the decorative expressiveness of the wood texture.

variants fr

However the finishing of the parquet surface variants fr be done only after installing. Restoration of the decorative parquet floors Premier Parquet has a great experience of the parquet restoration.

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One of the recent realized projects was the restoration of the decorative parquet floors of Odessa Opera Theatre, see photogallery: Parquet Restorationdetails are in the article: Restoration of the decorative parquet floors.

Exclusiveness of the parquet floors from Premier Parquet You have not found what you were looking for on the pages of the websites and numerous catalogues?

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Only contact our sales representative by phone Coming soon Ask your questions and get a quick answer or free consultation.

Subscribe to this mailing today free of charge variants fr you will variants fr get straight on your Email the most fresh news about design of the parquet floors; and you will know the opinions of the experts of products and services at the market of the decorative parquet floors ; you will get the reviews of the leading producers and a lot of other useful information.

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